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Pabrik Peralatan Militer Indonesia, Supplier peralatan militer TNI-Polri Indonesia, Supplier Rompi Anti peluru murah di Indonesia Hub Gianissa Ariel 0811 1700 980 / Iwan 0821 2500 4498 / 0852 1081 5321 / 0813 1485 6768, Distributor Rompi

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Pabrik Peralatan Militer Indonesia,  Supplier peralatan militer TNI-Polri Indonesia,  Supplier Rompi Anti peluru murah di Indonesia Hub Gianissa Ariel 0811 1700 980 / Iwan 0821 2500 4498 / 0852 1081 5321 / 0813 1485 6768,  Distributor Rompi
Pabrik Peralatan Militer Indonesia, Supplier peralatan militer TNI-Polri Indonesia, Supplier Rompi Anti peluru murah di Indonesia Hub Gianissa Ariel 0811 1700 980 / Iwan 0821 2500 4498 / 0852 1081 5321 / 0813 1485 6768, Distributor Rompi
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Pabrik Peralatan Militer Indonesia, Supplier peralatan militer TNI-Polri Indonesia, Supplier Rompi Anti peluru murah di Indonesia Hub Gianissa Ariel 0811 1700 980 / Iwan 0821 2500 4498 / 0852 1081 5321 / 0813 1485 6768, Distributor Rompi


An innovation of the nation from an expensive defense equipment: MAJOR EQUIPMENT WEAPON SYSTEM persembahakan work of our nation' s children a tactical defense products, non-weapon system Sista defense & personal protection products from a bullet that lurk eruption of us in particular areas and regions of our limbs turn off the chest and head.

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How it Works Anti Bullet Vest
Bullet-proof vests have been developed and used in the military to reduce the number of casualties on the soldiers or officers who face the crossfire. Its function is clear, namely to protect the body from bullets or other small projectiles that come out of the firearm. The possibility of bullet proof vests initial principles inspired from the soldier' s armor used in medieval times.

At that time, to reduce the cut or puncture wounds caused by swords or arrows brunt of the royal knight ( knight) wearing clothes iron. Unfortunately with the development of firearms, such protection is to be no longer useful. So is developing protective clothing to confront a gun that we know called bullet proof vest. By type, bullet proof vests can be divided into two, namely the soft body armor and hard body armor.
Soft Body Armor

In everyday tasks, or police in undercover work prefers a lightweight bulletproof vest. Soft body armor is generally made of Aramid fiber. This material was found in 1964 by Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist an American national, who worked as a researcher at the DuPont company.
Aramid is the abbreviation of the word aromatic polyamide. Aramid has a structure strong, tough, has good damping properties, resistant to acids and bases, but it can withstand heat up to 370 ° C, so it is not flammable. Because it is so, aramid is also used in aircraft, tanks, and rockets. Products are marketed aramid known as Kevlar.
Kevlar has a lighter weight, but 5 times stronger than steel. A Kevlar layer thickness of less than 1 mm, generally standard bulletproof vest consists of up to 32 layers and can weigh up to 10 kg.

Hard Body Armor

By adding a layer of soft body armor, can be produced hard body armor. Layer is generally made of ceramic, metal or composite slab. Forms a thick and heavy making it uncomfortable to use, so rarely worn in daily tasks. Only in special high-risk tasks, such as military operations or special operations teams.

Working principle of bulletproof vests

Working principle is to reduce as much kinetic energy burst of bullets, by using layers of kevlar to absorb the energy rate and break it down into a bullet proof vest-sectional area, so that energy is not enough anymore to make the bullets can penetrate bulletproof vests.
Analogous to the way the ball' s speed can be retained by the net. The net consists of a series of straps that are connected to each other. If the ball was caught by the net, the ball of kinetic energy will be absorbed by the net, leading to increased length of rope around the rope and then the pressure will be channeled to the goalposts.
The rate of energy absorbing bullet, which hit kevlar deformed inward, into the pressure will be forwarded to the user' s body. Maximum limit of emphasis into no more than 44 mm. If the limit is exceeded, then the user will have a bullet proof vest in the wound which would endanger the safety of the soul.
Assumption that the bulletproof vest wearers can avoid it completely from injury produced by fire is wrong. It should be stressed once again that the main function is simply a bullet proof vest to stop a bullet. So that the bullet did not enter the body through a bullet proof vest wearer.
Not infrequently the result of pressure had caused the bullet, bullet proof vest wearer will suffer from bruises to broken bones. Injury of course also depends on the type of bullet proof vests are used. This suggests that the term bulletproof vests ( bullet proof vest) is not appropriate, the correct term is ballistic vests ( ballistic vest) .

Ballistic Vest Level
Standard ballistic vest is the most widely used standard NIJ ( National Institute of Justice) American. Under this standard, a ballistic vest is divided into several levels ( level) , the level I, II-A, II, III-A, III, and IV. Level I is the lowest level, a ballistic vest can only hold a small-caliber bullet. Details see the picture above. Began to level III ballistic vests will be outfitted with iron plates, so it is able to hold the shotgun.
By using the present material, the higher level of security provided, the more thick and heavy ballistic vests to be worn. It certainly is a shortage of material. On this basis, the scientists and the military was developing a new material that is lighter and stronger.

Bullet-proof vest is protective clothing to minimize injury due to a bullet. Typically used by military and police personnel in particular tasks. Materials for anti-bullet vest include metal ( steel or titanium) , ceramic or polymer types that can provide extra protection to the wearer' s vital parts.
This vest protects the wearer by means keeping the bullet. The bullet was stopped before penetrating into the body. When the vest resist the penetration of the bullet, the bullet is reduced by a boost of momentum spread throughout the body. Users will still feel the kinetic energy of the bullet, it can cause bruising, swelling or serious injuries.
One polymer was developed as anti-bullet vest is kevlar modern. Kevlar is also known as Twaron and poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide, is a synthetic fiber strength five times the strength of copper, with the same weight. Kevlar is very heat resistant and decomposes above 400 ° C without melting. Kevlar was invented by the company DuPont in the early 1960s, the work of Stephanie Kwolek. Kevlar is a registered trademark by EI de Pont de Nemours and Company.
The properties
Kevlar is a type of aramid, which consists of long chain polymers with a parallel orientation. Aramid synthetic fiber itself is a form of long-chain synthetic polyamide with at least 85 percent amidanya connection attached directly to two aromatic chain ( amide group and aromatic group criss-cross) . Kevlar strength obtained from intra-molecular hydrogen bonding and aromatic-aromatic stack interaction between the sheets. Interactions are stronger than Van der Waals interactions found in other synthetic polymers and fibers like Dyneema ( fibers made of polyethylene chains are very long, arranged in the direction) . The presence of salts and certain other impurities, especially calcium, may interfere with the strand interactions and should be eliminated in the production process. Kevlar molecules consist of a relatively rigid, which form the structure as flat sheets of silk protein.
Of the properties of the obtained fibers with high mechanical strength and heat resistant.
Kevlar has free groups which can form hydrogen bonds on the outside, so it can mengabsorp water and have the nature of the ' wet' good. It also makes it feel more natural and ' sticky' compared to polymers in general, such as polyethylene.
The main drawback of the kevlar is able to decompose under alkaline conditions or when exposed to chlorine. Although it can support a large tensile stress, kevlar is not strong enough under compressive stress. To overcome this problem, kevlar is often used in conjunction with strong material to compressive stress.
Kevlar is synthesized from the monomers 1, 4-fenildiamin ( para-phenylenediamine) and terephthaloyl chloride. The result is a polymeric aromatic amide ( aramid) with alternating benzene rings and amide groups that criss-cross. With this production step, these polymer strands are aligned randomly. To make Kevlar, the materials are dissolved and mixed, resulting in an oriented polymer chains to form fibers.
Kevlar is expensive because of the difficulty in the use of concentrated sulfuric acid production. The extreme conditions required to maintain a high ketaklarutan polymer in solution during the synthesis and mixing.
Another bullet-proof material that was developed after the kevlar such as DSM' s Dyneema, Akzo' s Twaron, Toyobo' s Zylon ( which is controversial, recent studies have reported that this material is rapidly degraded so that the wearer is not protected as expected) , or Honeywell ' s GoldFlex - all of which are trademarks. New materials that are lighter, thinner, and more resistant than Kevlar, but is more expensive.

Process How A Hit Bullet
Before you read How The Bullets Hit A further, you should first understand the parts of the bullet. A bullet consisting of several parts of the bullet projectile ( bullet child) , shell casings, ammunition, and primer. Overall this series is called ammunition. The term " bullet " actually only refers to part of projectiles from ammunition, or son a bullet fired, and not the whole of the ammunition.

Bullet casings is a container object that wraps the bullet projectile and propellant consists of ( usually gunpowder) , rim, and primer. Serves as the originator of the gunpowder explosion that drives the bullet projectile kinetic energy. The new bullet casings themselves known on the use of modern firearms ammunition.

A cartridge containing the propellant without the use of projectile bullets called hollow bullets or empty shells, in which the primary current hit, will only hear the sound of explosions in the absence of a projectile fired by a rifle. Hollow bullets are generally used when the need for sound and flash of a firearm, without a dangerous projectile, such as for military training, in the filming, and the marker in the sport pistol racing running. Although it does not contain the child' s bullet, the bullet remains a dangerous vacuum. Hollow bullets can cause death if fired into a person in close proximity. Movie starring Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum died of firearm which uses hollow bullets.

There is another special type of ammunition that rubber bullets. Rubber bullets are the projectiles are made of rubber or rubber-coated, fired from a firearm. Rubber bullets used as a weapon is not deadly, but still able to penetrate human skin. Rubber bullets can still cause death when used at close range or exposed to such a vital part of the head. Rubber bullets, along with plastic bullets, candles, and wood, used at the time of the riots or demonstrations. First introduced by the U.S. government to block the anti-Vietnam war protesters in the 60' s.

How to Process a Hit Bullets

Shells are airtight and will lock the combustion chamber of ammunition from all directions except at the bottom of the sleeve.
When the gun trigger is pulled, the trigger pin hit the primer and firing would trigger it.
Spark will occur due to the blow pin on the primary and will burn gas to gunpowder.
The gases from the burning gunpowder drive a projectile bullet out of his sleeve.
After the bullet removed, the pressure on the shell casings would be lost making it flew out of the combustion chamber.

The last decade the safety factor becomes a thing highly coveted by all the people of Jakarta.
Jakarta is the most populous city and termajemuk in Indonesia, which is also the most high urban crime rates, perhaps not only the highest in Indonesia, but throughout southeast Asia.

In addition to the high level of kriminilitas, Jakarta is the center of the State of Indonesia, is also a prime target for terrorist movements, both locally and internasi terrorist-onal to shake the country' s security and stability to the political objectives of international scale, which in recent years so violently shook the city.

Case embassy philippines, the Christmas Eve 2001 case, the case of Ma-rriot Hotel, and the last few moments ago the Australian embassy bombing rocked the high-powered thugs who devastated the building around the radius of 500 meters and claimed the lives of the people who innocent and injured hundreds of people . Not to mention the bombs which the small scale which are common in recent years. Is evidence that the safety factor is so hard we get.
So is street crime, armed robbery, sharp, camp-pack, even robbery with a firearm is a daily menu newspapers of the capital.
Discovery of two containers of various types of smuggling firearms on 12 November 2004 by the Tanjung Priok customs, one proof that Jakarta is also a potential target for illegal firearms beredarnnya, then where are the circulation of weapons? weapons terse-but it is no wonder the crime of armed robbery and fire has become the current trend of crime.
Sense of lack of safe driving on the streets of Jakarta not only by factors such as the crime they will be above only, but often times we get caught up in a brawl school children and war-fighting between ga, where stones and other hard stones can be very threatening to our safety and our families who are trapped in the middle and the middle of the situation.
Police hard work in the communities as a bastion of security warnings during this proved not enough, still happened hal2 as above.
Own security efforts is the most appropriate prevention should be done by us.

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